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Magallanes Renovables applauds UK tidal energy

This means that UK tidal energy can take its rightful place in the electricity supply.

In the UK alone we have 50% of the EU’s tidal stream energy potential and enough energy to supply at least 11% of the UK’s current demand.

QED Naval’s Morlais development, supported by the CfD, is situated off the northwest coast of Holy Island in Wales and will have the capacity to power over 180,000 homes once fully operational.

Magallanes Renovables revenue support for UK tidal energy projects, both in Scotland and Wales.

“We are thrilled to reveal that we have been awarded contracts for two  tidal energy arrays. One situated off the pristine shores of Scotland and the other gracing the picturesque coast of North Wales. Together, these projects will generate a total of 4.5MW of clean and predictable tidal energy.

“This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our entire team. It reinforces our vision of providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions that power our world.

“We extend our gratitude to our incredible team, whose hard work have made this accomplishment possible. We also thank our partners, stakeholders, and supporters who have played a pivotal role in this journey. Together, we’re driving positive change for the environment and our communities.

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