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The future of tidal energy

The future of tidal energy. We began our journey to fight climate change in 2009, set to develop a technology to generate clean energy from the never ending tides.


Magallanes Renovables works towards Net 0 Emissions world by unlocking a source of energy that could generate 16% of the worlds energy needs.

We are developing the next generation of the ATIR, our floating platform, with double high output rotors with a combined power of 1,5MW.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a renewable energy powered by the natural rise and fall of ocean tides and currents.

Tides are the rise and fall of the sea level around the world. Gravity from both the Sun and the Moon pull water across the Earth’s surface as the Earth rotates. When these mases of water have to go through channels or between islands, the water accelerates and tidal currents are formed.

This represents a predictable and reliable form of renewable energy, yet to be harnessed at an industrial level


“Leveraging existing technology”. Robustness and High Output at a low cost

Our philosophy is to use as much technology as there is developed from the already mature wind and naval industries. This way we minimize the technology risk and focus on technical the challenges that are unique to us.

Client focused. We have managed to develop a machine that can produce at high output, with low Capital and Operational costs.

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Alejandro Marques, CEO and founder



La empresa MAGALLANES RENOVABLES SL participa en el Programa “ICEX-BREXIT” financiado por fondos de la Unión Europea, para mitigar las consecuencias adversas de la retirada del Reino Unido de la Unión. 

Ayudas concedidas por ICEX en 2023.

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