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The tidal energy revolution is taking place in Galicia

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The tidal energy revolution is happening in Galicia through Magallanes Renovables.

A platform anchored in northern Scotland harnesses the power of currents to generate tidal energy. With the energy generated, up to 1,500 homes could be supplied.

A harrowing experience gave Alejandro Marques the idea to build a renewable energy generation system. This entrepreneur nearly drowned when a powerful marine current dragged him in the Strait of Gibraltar. Today, 14 years after that fateful day, Magallanes Renovables is a reality that has already attracted some investors.

The technology of ATIR, the name given to the platform currently anchored off the Scottish coast of Fall of Warness (Orkney Islands), is revolutionary and unique, created “tailor-made” by the School of Engineers at the University of Vigo. After two years of successes, breakdowns, and countless setbacks, the technology and generation system are ready to be commercialized and compete with widely established technologies such as wind or solar.

The ATIR platform is a 45-meter-long vessel. Completely symmetrical from bow to stern and with a mast under its 15-meter-long hull. This is where the blades harness the energy of the underwater current to generate electricity.

“The platform combines the knowledge of naval engineering with the technology used for wind energy generation.” Alejandro Marques inherited from his father the passion for this project. “Our technology is simple, and it is in that simplicity that we have found the ideal business model