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We attended the BAF´s event to talk about blue energy

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Our CEO attended the event organized by BAF to talk about blue energy. The Blue Atlantic Forum brought together industry experts to talk about the best projects dedicated to ocean energy.

This Wednesday, BAF organized an event in Baiona (Spain) to provide an overview of the situation of marine energy in Spain and the opportunities that lie ahead in the sector. Recent developments have shown that blue energy is safe, efficient, silent and economically viable. At Magallanes we have been developing technology that facilitates the transition to more sustainable energy models for 15 years. In Spain, we are pioneers in developing this type of platform and, globally, one of the major references. We have recently obtained the necessary permits to build the first floating tidal energy farm on the planet.

In 2009, the dream of Marques’ father began to come true. Adriano Marques de Magallanes sensed the enormous possibilities arising from the energy obtained from periodic changes in sea level. His tenacity allowed him to enter a field where giants like Rolls-Royce and Siemens were operating. “They were very expensive systems with complex maintenance because the devices had to be periodically removed from the water.” The Galician company came up with a cheaper and simpler model. Magallanes is now among the select group of leading companies in tidal energy.