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About three-quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water. The oceans are a huge source of energy in constant motion. Unlike other more popular renewable resources, such as solar or wind energy, tidal energy is still in its infancy.


Renewable energy is estimated to reach 30 percent of global energy production by 2024, according to the International Energy Agency, and most of this is driven by solar and wind projects that continue to develop at a surprising rate.

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Fossil fuels tended to be less expensive than renewable energy, but in recent years the environment is changing.

Renewables are becoming more affordable and some options are now cheaper than fossil fuels. In fact, since 2010, the price of solar energy has dropped by roughly 89 percent.

Tidal Power

Tidal energy is an unstoppable swing that in many areas of our planet exceeds nine meters per second in intensity, although currently the average speeds are around four meters per second.

It is possible to know in advance and constantly both the speed and direction of the tides, as well as their time period. It is possible to know when this resource will be available and in the amount that will be obtained, which allows very accurate estimates of electricity production.

“The Magallanes Renovables platform is the only Spanish project in an advanced stage of development that investigates electricity generation from tidal energy and one of the first at an international level”

Alejandro Marques

Energy Density

Water is 784 times denser than air, therefore it carries a higher amount of energy at the same speeds.

390 GW Worldwide

There is Potentially 390 GW of energy accessible worldwide. In the shorter term, 2000 MW have been awarded in the UK in Tidal sites, that are ready to be exploited.

100% Predictable

The tides are the result of the gravity-pull of the moon on the oceans. As the movement of the moon is predictable, so are the tides.