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Ocean energy are making waves in Europe

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, shares with Euronews how advancements in technology and the conflict in Ukraine have convinced the public that ocean energy could be crucial for ensuring energy security in Europe.

Europe is making remarkable progress in the generation of tidal and wave energy, with the bloc taking a pioneering role in developing these technologies. European companies account for 70% of the global capacity for ocean energy.

The EU’s ambitious goals involve setting up ocean energy farms capable of producing 100 MW by 2027, and then scaling up to an impressive 40 GW by 2050, accounting 10% of Europe’s power needs.

To delve deeper into the increasing interest in it, Euronews conducted an interview with Rémi Gruet, the CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, a non-profit organization that represents over 120 entities in the sector, including major utilities, industrial leaders, and prominent research institutes.

Rémi Gruet stated, ‘Last year, we witnessed substantial public support for both tidal and wave energy at the European level, thanks to the Innovation Fund and Horizon Europe.’

He added, ‘I think it’s because, on one hand, technology has made significant strides. People are now more convinced that we can efficiently harness water to generate electricity. The second aspect is [Russian President] Putin — we have come to realize that price stability for gas is a thing of the past. Energy security is unattainable without price stability.’

He concluded, ‘This has sparked a renewed understanding of the imperative to decarbonize, not just for climate reasons, which were already present, but also for energy security.

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