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Magallanes Renovables participates in GENERA 2024

genera 2024

This week marks the start of GENERA 2024, the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, an essential event in the renewable energy sector.

This week the most important trade fair for the renewable energy sector in Spain, GENERA 2024, is taking place in Madrid. Its aim is to highlight the main areas of current research in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency. This contributes to a better understanding of ongoing research projects by their future beneficiaries. This includes companies, professionals in the energy sector and society in general.

Our Innovation Officer participated this morning in the Marine Energy Forum organised by APPA Renewables. It was a very interesting day to catch up on the latest news and developments in the sector. It was also an opportunity to emphasise the need to commit to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy model. For these Forums, spaces have been set aside in the Genera pavilions to host 40-minute talks. The protagonists are companies and institutions related to Decarbonisation and the Environment.

At Magallanes Renovables we are committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy model. This allows us to produce clean energy through an economically viable model. We began our journey to fight climate change in 2009. That´s set to develop a technology to generate clean energy from the never ending tides.