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The future of tidal energy is in Galicia

tidal energy

The Cluster of Renewable Energy organized a forum, where we presented our tidal energy project.

Investment in Tidal Energy

For fifteen years, Magallanes Renovables has actively developed tidal energy, utilizing the floating platform Atir. This vessel has dropped anchor and is equipped with a submerged section housing two turbines with blades. It rotates its blades in opposite directions to harness the current from any direction, adapting to the changing tide throughout the day and generating electricity.

This groundbreaking project will materialize in Morlais Park, Wales, featuring six platforms. Marta García, our technical director, announced their intention to undertake the project in Galicia. She also expressed the desire to involve around thirty Galician companies starting next year, with Navantia among the potential partners. Although no formal agreements have been reached yet. Rodrigo Sanz, our innovation director, provided insights into ongoing discussions with shipyards, including Navantia.

The Future of the Project

Magallanes Renovables is on the brink of realizing its ambition to operate its tidal platform on a pre-commercial scale. Wehaving secured two contracts promoted by the British government. Marta García announced that procedures are underway, and long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) have been signed. The Galician promoter aims to finalize agreements with local companies in 2024 to commence installing cabling and moorings a year later. Magallanes’ projection is for the first four platforms to be operational by October 2026.

In the search for partners to join the tidal energy project, the Redondela-based company has set its sights on Navantia. ‘As one of the main European builders, we have to collaborate with them,’ emphasized Rodrigo Sanz. He added, ‘we must align ourselves with the major players, both in Spain and Galicia.’

Officials from Magallanes Renovables emphasized that ‘the sector is viable but requires financial support.’ Similar to other technologies when they commenced, such as wind energy twenty years ago, as recalled by Rodrigo Sanz. The Galician company anticipates that Morlais Park will generate approximately 400 jobs and mobilize 45 million euros.

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