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The enormous potential of marine energy in Europe

energía oceánica

Ocean Energy Europe is the largest professional network for the marine energy sector, with more than 120 organisations.

OEE is the organisation that looks after the interests of the marine sector. In its latest study, it looks at the development of a new 100% energy industry and the areas where it will need more support.

If we want to reverse the effects of climate change, we need to focus on clean energy sources. This means reducing dependence on fossil fuels and committing to a sustainable energy model. Recently, at COP28, it was agreed that by 2030, 50% of production must come from renewable sources. With this objective in mind, the EEO is working to facilitate this transition.

This change in the European energy model is more urgent than ever, mainly because of the war in Ukraine. As a result, it is impossible to achieve stability in natural gas prices. This implies total dependence on the outside world, and the EU wants to change that. Therefore, they have accelerated investment in renewable energy through numerous investment initiatives.

It is currently estimated that it is cheaper to build a new wind or photovoltaic power plant than to continue exploiting existing fossil resources. However, wind and solar energy do not produce enough capacity to supply the world’s energy needs. Hence the need to look for new alternatives, such as marine energy.

Currently, the oceans are the largest untapped natural resource on the planet and have the capacity to generate 100 GW in European waters by 2050. Magallanes is a leading company in the sector, offering 100% sustainable solutions for the planet.

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