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Magallanes participates in the Ocean Energy Europe 2024

ocean energy europe

This week we attended Ocean Energy Europe 2024 in The Hague, the Netherlands. It is a meeting point within the ocean energy sector.

This morning, our CEO Alejandro Marques de Magallanes participated in the presentation on tidal energy. In it, he commented on the latest developments and advances in the sector, as well as the challenges we will face in the future. These types of conferences organised by Ocean Energy Europe are a very interesting proposal to share the latest news with other members of the sector. We will spend two days sharing deep conversations and reflections with friends and future partners about new developments and future opportunities in the sector.

At Magallanes Renovables we have spent the last 15 years investing all our effort and enthusiasm in implementing concrete actions that can deliver the solutions the planet needs. Thanks to the hard work of our entire team, we have managed to make the promise of producing sustainable tidal energy a reality. While we are aware that the future will bring new challenges, we are optimistic about the new opportunities that tidal power will bring. It is the energy of the future and we want to be at the forefront of the action, reinforcing our vision of providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.