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Magallanes is a reference for its environmental commitment

environmental commitment

Our strong environmental commitment has been selected by The Shipowners Club as a success case.

The maritime landscape has continued to evolve over the past 12 months. Especially when it comes to environmental commitment such as decarbonisation and the road to net-zero. The Club’s priority continues to be in supporting its Membership with their own emission reduction journeys to meet impending targets.

The Club continues to investigate how it can collect appropriate data to understand the carbon impact of our entered vessels and to inform our continued support. Activities in which the Club seeks to support its Membership are varied and include:

• Providing a voice for the Club’s Members within industry/stakeholder forums, to ensure that the unique aspects of the Club’s entered tonnage are represented effectively.

• A range of guidance to assist Members in their efforts to minimise their carbon impact on the environment. Also it helps them to contribute to a sustainable shipping industry. This includes an infographic that highlights the practical considerations to be taken when considering alternative fuels.

• The gathering of business intelligence to understand the impact of ESG on the Club’s stakeholders and its operations. This includes engaging with stakeholders to understand the transition
plans to achieving net-zero, for example, Emission Trading Schemes (ETS), restrictions on high emission fuel usage, trends in Energy Saving Technologies (EST), phasing out of cargoes and/or operations that may be considered ESG sensitive and local regulatory requirements.