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National Geographic interview Magallanes Renovables

Magallanes Renovables in National Geographic

In the National Geographic article, Magallanes Renovables explains the potential of the oceans. Oceans cover three quarters of the Earth’s surface whose average depth is 4,000 metres. These immense bodies of water are a colossal source of moving energy widely distributed around the globe. This energy source doesn´t  exploit compared to other renewable resources like solar or wind energy

With this theoretical backing, the company Magallanes Renovables born in 2007 in Redondela, in the Galician estuary of Vigo, with the aim of designing and validating the best technology to generate energy from tidal currents in the most suitable areas of the world, and National Geographic visited its facilities.

At Magallanes Renovables we began our fight against climate change in 2009. This is thanks to a technology that allows us to generate clean energy from the endless tides. We are working to unlock an energy source that could generate 16% of the world’s energy needs.

Tidal power is renewable energy powered by tides and ocean currents. Tides arise from the rise and fall of sea levels around the world. Gravity pulls water across the earth’s surface as the earth rotates. When water flow through channels or between islands, the water accelerates and it formes tidal currents.


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