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Galicia has launched a platform to boost technological collaboration

Galicia launches the first platform to boost scientific and technological collaboration available to pymes.

InnovaRede will be the first access point to the I+D+i capabilities of Galicia with the aim of giving them visibility and promoting connections among the entities within the Galician ecosystem.” Patricia Argerey, the director of the GAIN, elucidated that this tool is designed to fortify the regional innovation ecosystem. The aim is to facilitate collaboration among various actors involved in technological demand and supply direct, and open approach. The overarching goal is to expedite the technological development process, enhance the value of knowledge.

InnovaRede has been established with information from 35 I+D+i agents in Galicia and has the goal of ongoing expansion. The platform compiles a condensed and prioritized set of information about each agent. This means detailing their identity, location, contact details and areas of expertise. Overall, the tool encompasses 750 patents, 3.700 publications, and 3.500 projects, offering valuable knowledge for businesses.

The portal includes a search engine on its homepage, enabling users to delve into the compiled and categorized information, organized by easily comprehensible technologies, value chains, keywords, and UNESCO codes for each I+D+i agent and research area.

Additionally, there is a private section where registered users can submit technological demands. The platform will address these demands by consulting with the agents or through administrative channels. The website is accessible in three languages – Galician, Spanish, and English – to increase its visibility beyond Galicia.

The Regional Government (Xunta) will have 37 support instruments, aimed at all types of agents in the Galician innovation ecosystem at all stages of I+D+i, from 12 different departments with a budget of approximately 190 million euros. Meanwhile, Gain’s support map includes 16 instruments endowed with a budget of around 138 million euros.