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FEDER - Marco

When preparing the MARET – Magallanes Renewable Energy tidal project for the EIC Accelerator call, meetings were held with various technology centers (EMEC, Tecnalia, Energylab), certification companies (Bureau-Veritas, DNV, etc.) and service providers and maritime operations, among others.

The objective of the meetings has been the analysis of the subcontracting needs necessary to carry out the activities and key functions of the different work packages that Magallanes Renovables cannot carry out due to their specific nature. At the same time, meetings were also held with key players in the renewable energy sector, from which several letters of support were obtained for the presentation of the project (Iberdrola, Morlais, Naturgy, EMEC).

In drafting the proposal, an extensive search for information was carried out regarding the potential market, forecasts of growth and demand for energy consumption, existing competition, rates and regulatory framework in the target countries, development of a business plan and value proposition. to the market, as well as a marketing strategy. Likewise, numerous studies and scientific papers were consulted to validate the predictions at the European Union level and the alignment of our technology with the objectives set out in the European Green Deal and the objective of decarbonization of the European economy for the year 2050.