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Tidal Technology developers sign agreement with Morlais Project

Tidal Technology

Three tidal technology developers sign agreement with Morlais Project, including Magallanes Renovables.

Marine Energy Wales welcomes the news that North Wales’ tidal stream array demonstration project, Morlais, has signed up three new international turbine developers.

The news of French firms SABELLA and HydroQuest as well as Spanish developer Magallanes planning to deploy their devices on a commercial scale at the coast of Anglesey, North Wales. It is another welcome boost to the marine energy sector in Wales.

Magallanes developed a technology capable of harnessing energy which is cost effective and easy to maintain. They is now aiming for larger scale deployment at Morlais.

Alejandro Marques said that this is great news and they are grateful to Menter Môn for their commitment. Now they are looking forward to being part of this exciting project in Wales.

Menter Môn and has the potential to become one of the largest tidal stream energy sites in the world. The first stage of the project, aims to secure consent for the development of the zone. The second stage will put the necessary infrastructure in place so that developers, including the three new partners can implement their devices at the site.

Resources and supply chain are key and we will rely on them for every step of the value chain. Wales has the skills and expertise needed to move the industry forward. The signing of this agreement is an important step for us and the beginning of a relationship which we hope will enable the development of a sector which will benefit the local economy on Anglesey, the UK’s zero emissions 2050 objective and global need to reduce pollution and fossil fuel emissions.