A Success Story:

Magallanes Renovables was born with the objective of developing a technology to generate electricity from marine currents. In this task a multidisciplinary team of professionals has been focused since 2007, to investigate, design, develop and validate a floating platform capable of generating up to 1,5MW of electrical power from the tidal current.

Throughout these years of successes and failures linked but with a clearly defined horizon, the Magallanes Project has been growing, and what began as a project has been transformed into a company (Magallanes Renovables SL), more professional and with more structure, with strong relationships between specialized companies that work aligned in a reality, a prototype on a real scale that approaches the last stage of development, commercialization and international expansion.

Like all projects, Magallanes Renovables has been going through different stages, specifying the initial idea until giving it shape and dimension that technological development of these characteristics deserves. Since the initial idea of 2007 we have been working on an initial study of the potential of this technology and of the different ways of use, small scale models are made and tested in research centres. An important milestone in the development of the project is the construction of a 1:10 scale model in 2012 that is tested in Vigo, A Guardia and Scotland and that served to validate the initial idea and demonstrate the development potential to produce electric power from efficient way.

The platform becomes larger in the coming years during which a prototype is designed on a real scale that is finally built between 2016 and 2017 and which is one of the greatest achievements of Galician shipbuilding. This success brings together the good work and the professionalism of a complex network of suppliers-collaborators who are fully committed to a project as innovative as this one and to which they apply their know-how to face all the difficulties that arise during design and construction.

The year 2018 is the key year, it is the year to test a technology for which a great amount of resources has been invested, both human and economic, and that must conclude with the generation of energy-adjusted to the expectations. For this, the platform in the Vigo estuary is being tested and later it was tested in EMEC in 2019 where the technology was validated and the amount of energy produced certified.

The biggest asset is the knowledge and experience acquired during the 13 years it has taken us to develop this technology from scratch. Since the beginning, we have managed to solve the many challenges encountered with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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